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@breck_pilsner's Journal
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Tuesday, August 15th, 2017
1:19 pm
Start here
Work backwards... LJ is archive only now,
Thursday, October 6th, 2016
5:55 pm
Enough (imdb)
I don't like rap music as much as I enjoy cliff's notes during midterms
5:17 pm
Guess what happens when snow gets roasted tha product is hot it gets soggy like wet when it's toasted...crystal my mind is a pistol when it's foggy like yea right NOT

Guess who outlines the block with white chalk those queue lines outside those still might just talk x factor like broke actors idol pop rocks when sell outs sell out and their career suddenly stops like Trigger on flops flip game over triggered when reindeer games did drop so
Sunday, October 2nd, 2016
11:47 pm
Thursday, September 22nd, 2016
12:29 pm
The first day of Autumn
After moving all week, at least I left the house today.

Yesterday was Chinese food and sleep.

Next week I have to clean the hole ... Bathroom. Kitchen. Floors.

I'll be damned if this condo turns into a piss-off bachelor pad.
Wednesday, September 7th, 2016
5:18 pm
the market is opening up
as i am finding this is the most intensive housing search i have ever done. undoubtedly it will yeild in the reward of the best possible outcome for my future roomshare goals. hey, i may even land my own space in a studio apartment.

the major things holding me back are the fact that i have had delt with mental illness

1) i am in substantial credit debt that remains unresolved causing me to need a cosigner in most lease situations

2) my time in Mental Health court is still visible on my background check so fuck that.

the irony is that my mom is my cosigner and she is the one who had me arrested in a big misunderstanding some three almost four years ago when all i wanted to do was to get to my doctors to have my meds adjusted. fuck me right?

the credit debit is my fault. after i dropped out of college and got my diagnosis i got a job at a grocerystore deli and payed off my credit debit and student loans, then i opend some 8 credit cards with something like a 40k $$$ credit limit which i then lived off of when i had my first relapse being hypomanic/alcoholic for about 12 months

the efun part is the credit debt is so old now that i can just write it off andd avoid bankruptcy. the problem is i had to wait to this point to get thru the statute of limitations to do that and NOW I NEED TO FIND A FUCKING PLACE TO LIVE WHERE IM NOT PAYING FOR MY FATHERS GODDAMNED RENT.

Thursday, September 1st, 2016
12:17 am
Sunday, August 28th, 2016
10:56 pm
The weather went from 90°F to >70°F and par usual I got a migraine. I'm debating whether or not to dab because I was trying to get into sober housing anyway.

I did not get the Oxford House in lynnwood. But I am working on closing a lease on a room in West Seattle

I will provide more detail once I close the deal. Until then my head hurts.
Wednesday, August 24th, 2016
10:23 pm
I don't feel up to writing rn
It's been on my.mind the past two days but nothing

I have an appointment with an Oxford House tomorrow at 9pm an hour away from n. Seattle

Where is my life going
Monday, August 22nd, 2016
10:50 pm
Remember this
You've got 26 personal training sessions saved with la fitness plus you're paying for one session per month to keep your sessions active.

This means you are scheduled for one session per week for at least 8 months consecutively once you start redeeming your sessions

Remember this: The plan is in motion

8:30 pm
So I'm a Comedian
As I remember...

Co workers wanted me to pursue stand up comedy when I started working at the current employer about 2-3 years ago.

They said I was funny, I thought they were making fun of me

It was difficult for me to focus on it bc I was so preoccupied with my narcissistic father freeloading roommate.

We all know how that turned out with him.

Then I almost had a relationship with a girl 6 years older than me who was married, and who was my shift leader.

We went out to dinner twice then she brought her husband to a group event with coworkers where we all went to an open mic night to encourage my stand up career.


WTF am I doing with my life.
6:00 pm
The inevitable outcome of AA meetings
So I'm trying to determine if a GF is going to be worth my while for the long term goal. I'm bound to meet some bat-shit crazies in the halls but whether or not they want the D is another question. My objective was never a wife/kid(s) scenario, at this point, I'm not outside playing dad to a kid.

My genetics are so fucked it should be criminal for me to reproduce. It's only a matter of time before I sterilize the baby batter and get snipped I.e. visectomy.

But being dad to some other chick's kid? Look at the numbers game. I'm more concerned with managing my accounts and making my Twitter handle coherent than negotiating for a consistent price of ass.

And yea, I objectify that situation bc that exactly what I would become to her. A role to fill.

I say fuck it come what may. Not that I'm complaining, I've just stopped caring enough to identify with the normal social standards of age demographic. I haven't had a GF since 2004 (12 years) and I don't do one night stands. But I'm not stupid. I'm just not comfortable bringing anyone into my level of bat-shit crazy over that timeline.

Best case scenario is I hook up with another artist type compatible with my fame chase so we can stunt on social media and rhe "reality" based programming I've brewing in the cook pot. I'm no dummy and I don't chase pussy. The stakes aren't high enough.

I learned early on, early on and my heart is forever broken. My only trust issue is that I trust this bachelor lifestyle with forever be a void of emptiness.

The human condition is so easy to manipulate, why would I dare involve myself to define a relationship with another girl unless I've profiled my own intent first?

I don't need anybody to complete me.

And kids are fucking stupid. They are needy and sheltered and dependant and stinky. No motherfucking arrangement is worth that. I'd rather own a dog.

I wonder what Nala is doing rn

I know, and have always known, since my first job at Hollywood Video, I'm just preparing for a movie role.

But I would trade everything in this life just to know her again, live a 925 and learn to hate myself for it
12:06 am
Sunday, August 21st, 2016
9:28 pm
Fish burrito mishap
I wasn't paying attention and dude gave me rice instead of shredded cabbage. I got to thinking how would I make that tangy white sauce? Probably cut tartar with sour cream and lime ...

I'm electing to send out the emails tomorrow after I call the transit authority about replacing my bus card and a fateful trip to my credit union to clear up this fraud situation and close my account.

Jack in the Box $4 for 4

Jr jumbo jack
Sm fries
Sm drink
Two tacos

The fast good companies have been fighting hard over budget combo deals 4/5 item $4/$5 price point

I'm fuckin broke. And I like it
My philosophy is you can't take it with you.

I see a trend in mainstream popular American culture. My conflict finds me victimized by the enticement of fame. Fortune is a byproduct but will take precise management to outlast the fame once the limelight expires.

Until then $4/4. Booyahcaw grandma.
5:58 pm
Fish burrito instead
The good news? LG has some 8 mixtapes w 20ish track each

The bad news? SoundCloud

Tumblr (for me)

As manager/co ex producer I have complete control over the marketing direction of this campaign.

Im more of a screenwriter/video producer-directer but whatev, o can rap too.

Clear direction goals & execution we are only accountable to the fans and ourselves as artists. The feature film crossover is going to GOAT.

Let's fuck the game up.
5:31 pm
The voice
I'm starting to get my writing voice back. However, it's been all thumbs due to the fact I really need a keyboard and WIFI.

So I'm sitting here at Northgate mall. I just returned $50 worth of tee shirts so I can pay my phone bill this month. But I'm kinda hungry I'm thinking Ivar's fo fish n chip.

Additionally I need to send two VERY important email tonight.

Tomorrow I have to go to becu bank to dispute my account also drop into wells Fargo Bank to see what it will take to open an account

The next 15 months - 5 years are going to fly by. It's inevitable.
12:57 pm
Solid 13hr sleep
Sleep heals it all.
Saturday, August 20th, 2016
11:11 pm
31 hrs.
Not a personal best, but hey, one can dream right? I thot that was the goal... After all.
8:10 pm
28th hour
Sauna warning up

Nala chillin', new habitat ignored

Sleep? Not while Life in progress

Microwave burritos, maybe

New kit tmrw, yes!

Ps. Fuck you diet Acne I'm fucking 31 yo GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER



Bumbershoot 2002
5:00 pm
If I recall proper, 35 is the age you've got to be to hold president office.

On a side note I've been wake for the past 24 hrs. But I'm used to it. Ehhhh
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