@breck_pilsner (bokonon84) wrote,

Fish burrito mishap

I wasn't paying attention and dude gave me rice instead of shredded cabbage. I got to thinking how would I make that tangy white sauce? Probably cut tartar with sour cream and lime ...

I'm electing to send out the emails tomorrow after I call the transit authority about replacing my bus card and a fateful trip to my credit union to clear up this fraud situation and close my account.

Jack in the Box $4 for 4

Jr jumbo jack
Sm fries
Sm drink
Two tacos

The fast good companies have been fighting hard over budget combo deals 4/5 item $4/$5 price point

I'm fuckin broke. And I like it
My philosophy is you can't take it with you.

I see a trend in mainstream popular American culture. My conflict finds me victimized by the enticement of fame. Fortune is a byproduct but will take precise management to outlast the fame once the limelight expires.

Until then $4/4. Booyahcaw grandma.
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