@breck_pilsner (bokonon84) wrote,

So I'm a Comedian

As I remember...

Co workers wanted me to pursue stand up comedy when I started working at the current employer about 2-3 years ago.

They said I was funny, I thought they were making fun of me

It was difficult for me to focus on it bc I was so preoccupied with my narcissistic father freeloading roommate.

We all know how that turned out with him.

Then I almost had a relationship with a girl 6 years older than me who was married, and who was my shift leader.

We went out to dinner twice then she brought her husband to a group event with coworkers where we all went to an open mic night to encourage my stand up career.


WTF am I doing with my life.
Tags: hot wing flvr ruffles chips suck a**
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