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the market is opening up

as i am finding this is the most intensive housing search i have ever done. undoubtedly it will yeild in the reward of the best possible outcome for my future roomshare goals. hey, i may even land my own space in a studio apartment.

the major things holding me back are the fact that i have had delt with mental illness

1) i am in substantial credit debt that remains unresolved causing me to need a cosigner in most lease situations

2) my time in Mental Health court is still visible on my background check so fuck that.

the irony is that my mom is my cosigner and she is the one who had me arrested in a big misunderstanding some three almost four years ago when all i wanted to do was to get to my doctors to have my meds adjusted. fuck me right?

the credit debit is my fault. after i dropped out of college and got my diagnosis i got a job at a grocerystore deli and payed off my credit debit and student loans, then i opend some 8 credit cards with something like a 40k $$$ credit limit which i then lived off of when i had my first relapse being hypomanic/alcoholic for about 12 months

the efun part is the credit debt is so old now that i can just write it off andd avoid bankruptcy. the problem is i had to wait to this point to get thru the statute of limitations to do that and NOW I NEED TO FIND A FUCKING PLACE TO LIVE WHERE IM NOT PAYING FOR MY FATHERS GODDAMNED RENT.

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